De-risking mRNA and RNA product development

The recent success of mRNA vaccines has unveiled the therapeutic potential of RNA therapeutics.

The future is bright but the success of RNA therapeutics hinges on our understanding of their immunomodulatory activities.

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RNAte is a groundbreaking testing platform designed to meet the critical needs of the RNA industry in Victoria, Australia, and the global market.

RNAte, housed at the Hudson Institute, aims to address the need to characterise the immunomodulatory activities of RNA products.

The Significance of RNAte:

The RNAte platform supports the development of a mRNA and RNA-based therapeutics and vaccines.


By focusing on innate immune response screening, RNAte is a valuable enabler of the the burgeoning RNA industry. RNAte’s key features include:

  • 1 Extensive assessment of innate immune activation in human cells.
  • 2 Definition of specific signalling pathway engagement.
  • 3 Characterisation of immune activation in highly sensitive iPSC-derived macrophages.
  • 4 High throughput screening to synergise with the rapid development of RNA-based products.

Strategies for Supporting RNA Product Development:

Leveraging Hudson Institute’s unique know-how in RNA sensing, innate immunity and inflammation, the RNAte platform offers screening services to identify potential ‘proinflammatory’ off-target activities that may arise during product development and pre-clinical trials. 

By utilising specialised knowledge of the complex innate immune pathways engaged by RNA, we aim to streamline and de-risk candidate vaccines prior to manufacturing and minimise unwanted immune responses, thereby facilitating the development of safe and effective mRNA and RNA vaccines and therapeutics in Australia.

RNAte product testing strategy is carefully structured for immediate impact and long-term success for RNA product development and manufacturing.

Immediate Support:

  • Supports academic providers, biotech start-ups and pharmaceutical manufacturers.
  • Validates product development from proof-of-concept to commercialisation.
  • Provide precise, reliable and reproducible product screening and testing services according to GLP/ ISO: 9001 guidelines.

Risk Mitigation:

  • Identifies candidates with potential reactogenicity prior to clinical trials, reducing risk, time and cost before in vivo testing.
  • Strong value proposition for safety-centric therapeutic areas like vaccines.

Staged Approach:

  • Flexible and customised testing
  • Small scale and high throughput assays available

Working together to facilitate product development and reduce potential inflammatory side effects of new mRNA and RNA vaccines and therapeutics

  1. mRNA and RNA-based product Research and Development
  2. Candidate Screening: Product characterisation
  3. Target RNA product pre-clinical assessment
  4. Deployment of safe and effective RNA-based therapeutics and vaccines

The RNAte platform functions across the drug development pathway to provide testing from the early stages of research and pre-clinical development to support the entry of therapeutics and vaccines into clinical trials

Why Choose RNAte?

Expertise and Collaborations:

Benefit from Hudson Institute’s innate immune signalling and RNA sensing knowledge, built on years of research, discovery and development ensuring reliable and expert services. We expand RNA networks and foster productive collaboration.

Thorough Evaluation of Inflammatory Profile:

Identify excessive activation of innate immune responses. Perform sensitivity and efficacy screening in advanced stages.

The RNAte platform is currently working with local mRNA manufacturing facilities, including BASE and Messenger Bio. RNAte is not just a platform; it’s a commitment to innovative and growth of the RNA industry.

Together, let’s build the development of mRNA and RNA-based vaccines and therapeutics for better health.

Interested in collaborating?

We collaborate with a variety of local, NATA-accredited biotech companies and RNA manufacturers, ensuring a comprehensive contract research solution for your study.

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