RNAte – Immune screening for future RNA medicines

Precision RNA testing: Ensuring efficiency in every strand

Recent advances in understanding synthetic RNA and its applications in medicine have increased the need for a robust and reliable screening platform to ensure successful transition of new RNA product into clinical trials.

Hudson Institute recognises this demand and is establishing RNAte, a specialised innate immune testing facility. RNAte plays a valuable role in assessing innate immune activation and cytokine signalling in response to novel RNA products, contributing to the development of safe and more effective RNA-based products for clinical trials.

Dr Garrett Ng in the RNAte lab conducting tests.
Scientist looking at specimens

Unlocking the Potential of RNA Technologies

Our platform is designed to support the emerging RNA industry by providing meticulous analyses and readouts of the immune reactivity of newly developed RNA and mRNA therapeutics.

Supporting innovation in RNA technologies

Commitment to transitioning RNA products to clinical trials

Innate immune screening for cutting-edge drug development


Unlocking the Power of RNA Medicines

The RNAte platform is designed to support the RNA industry by providing an accurate assessment of innate immune activation to inform product development and readiness for clinical trials.

Dr Natália Sampaio pipetting in the RNAte lab
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